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Graduate Student International Travel Task Force

The Graduate Student International Travel Task Force (GSITTF) is comprised of university faculty and staff who support Northwestern’s international programs and activities. Many also conduct, direct or supervise research abroad and advise graduate students who do the same.

In late 2016, the task force was charged by the Provost with 1) determining the travel health and safety needs of individual graduate student travelers; 2) identifying the specific challenges faced by this population while traveling internationally; and 3) proposing policy language to compel disclosure of travel to the institution.

By June 2018, the GSITTF developed 1) a definition of university-sponsored graduate student travel; 2) determined the data the institution should obtain from graduate travelers; and 3) charged OGSS with developing a mechanism for collecting such data. The GSITTF is also responsible for the Wilderness First Aid (WFA) reimbursement grant in support of their academic goals requiring remote or rural international travel. In 2018, OGSS reimbursed three graduate students from Earth and Planetary Sciences for their WFA tuition fees. 

The Task Force was on hiatus in 2019 so that OGSS could complete the assigned directives. A new cohort will convene in the near future to identify its next objectives.