Standards of Excellence

Download the Standards of Excellence Packet here. (PDF)


Fraternity & Sorority Life believes that each chapter has the ability to enhance and develop their own organization, and by doing so, the collective Northwestern community. The Standards of Excellence program enables chapters to identify strengths and challenges, assess various aspects of the membership experience, and set goals to motivate action. This program does not assume every chapter at Northwestern is the same; instead the program recognizes individuality and encourages chapters to develop their own strategy for chapter development. Through this program, chapters have the ability to create sustainable, positive change through a specific focus on the core principles of Fraternity & Sorority Life.


The purpose of Standards of Excellence is to ensure that every Northwestern fraternity and sorority chapter is fully committed to the highest quality experience for each of its members, with particular emphasis on upholding the core principles of Northwestern Fraternity & Sorority Life (Wellness, Member Development, Inclusion, Campus and Community Partnerships, and Responsible Citizenship).

Standards of Excellence provides an opportunity for each chapter to describe progress within specific domains, to highlight the activities and programs they have identified as best practices, and to receive recognition for outstanding accomplishments that were achieved within the past academic year.

The Standards of Excellence program is linked to annual fraternity & sorority awards. If a chapter does not participate in the Standards of Excellence program, that chapter will not be eligible for awards. Components of the program will be shared with governing councils and Order of Omega to recognize organizational accomplishments. Chapters, through an independent process, will also nominate members for individual awards.