Six Components of Standards of Excellence

1. Annual Report Form

  • The Annual Report Form is submitted annually to update the Fraternity & Sorority Life files. 
  • Click here to access the Annual Report Form.
  • The Annual Report Form is due two weeks following chapter elections.
  • NOTE: This form is required as a part of the Standards of Excellence program.

2. Compliance and Efficiency

  • Annually, there are expectations for attendance and documentation due to Fraternity & Sorority Life.
  • On May 14, 2018 the percentage of which a chapter is compliant is calculated.
  • This section accounts for 15% of the Standards of Excellence scoring.

3. Assessment

  • The chapter is asked to conduct an assessment to identify areas of strength and areas of growth for each of the Standards of Excellence domains. The goal of the assessment is for the chapter to better understand their current realities, so that the organization may evaluate how to create a more impactful membership experience. Chapters should consider assessing current attitudes and beliefs, in addition to quantitative data (GPA, conduct violations, chapter surveys, etc.).
  • There are can be many stakeholder groups involved with the assessment projects. The chapter may include current chapter members, alumni(ae), chapter advisors, regional advisors, and/or inter/national headquarters staff.
  • This section accounts for 10% of the Standards of Excellence scoring.

4. Strategic Goal Setting

  • After completing the assessment, chapters should utilize the results to create strategic goals and an action plan for implementation. The goals and action plan will then inform the material compiled for the chapter annual report.
  • This section accounts for 10% of the Standards of Excellence scoring.

5. Final Report

  • There are five domains within Standards of Excellence (Clarity & Intentiality; S.M.A.R.T. Goals; Incorporation of New/Existing Initatives; Quality of Submission; and Incorporation of Assessment Results).
  • Each Standards of Excellence report will be reviewed by a committee of professional staff members and/or faculty who will take into account all five domains of Standards of Excellence, in addition to data provided by Fraternity & Sorority Life including: academic achievement, lease violations (if applicable), conduct violations (if applicable), and membership statistics.
  • Performance within each of the five core value domains will be considered when determining the overall excellence of each fraternity and sorority.
  • This section accounts for 40% of the Standards of Excellence Scoring.

6. Presentation

  • Presentations provide chapters with the opportunity to share the personal impact of the chapter experience. This is the time for chapters to identify the results of their chapter assessment projects, share the major goals for the year, describe the overall strengths and challenges, define the emerged best practices, and tell the story of the vision for the chapter’s future.
  • The presentation is designed for chapters to think outside of the box and breathe life into the overall Standards of Excellence program.
  • This section accounts for 25% of the Standards of Excellence scoring.