Each chapter may designate a team of up to 5 undergraduate members to serve as the chapter presentation team and may have up to two non-participating members viewing the presentation. The team will be given 30 minutes to share information with the SOE Review Committee. Ideally, organizations will prepare presentations that allot 20 minutes for information sharing and 10 minutes for a question/answer period.

  • Time will be strictly kept. If the presentation portion of the program exceeds 30 minutes, there will not be an additional 10 minutes of questions allotted.
  • Each organization will be assigned a presentation date and time. Dates for presentations will be shared in May.
  • Presentations will be evaluated as part of the overall Standards of Excellence submission.
  • Supplemental information, such as handouts, videos or PowerPoint presentations may be used if necessary to present information

What to Include

Chapter Presentations should aim to include the following information that may not have been expressed through the other components of SOE (but may be arranged in any way the chapter wishes).

  • Introduction of presenters – Name, Year, Position (if applicable) in the chapter
  • Brief history and purpose of the organization
  • Chapter assessment project(s)
  • Identified chapter strengths and areas of growth
  • Strategic goals for the year
  • Emerged best practices from the chapter
  • Impact of the chapter experience on members
  • Future vision for the chapter