Evans Scholars

The Evans Scholars coat of arms

Alpha Chapter

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Organization Facts

National Founding Date: 1928

"We, as Evans Scholars, strive for ideals of community leadership – achieved not necessarily through popularity, but through character.
We cherish the ability to set aside pleasurable activities until the necessary ones are accomplished.
We strive for group unity and loyalty through an interaction and appreciation of varied backgrounds and personalities.
We strive for public esteem based upon the demonstrated ability to achieve and maintain positions of respect in our community.
We represent an educational institution seeking to teach men and women to live and work with each other and to instill in them the ability toembrace individual differences and to respect individual freedoms.
Personal growth is our goal; group living is our means."


NU's Greek Awards 2008-2009

  • IFC's Outstanding External Relations
  • Omega Society Honor Roll: Patrick Rice


Evans Scholars does not participate in formal Recruitment. Rather, students who are interested in joining the organization should contact Joe Foran at joseph-foran@northwestern.edu for more information about scholarship opportunities.