Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need approval to drive a Motor Pool vehicle?

Faculty and Staff: University vehicles may be driven by any University faculty or staff, 18 years and older, who are authorized to drive by the department head and hold a valid license in accordance with the laws of the State of Illinois. The driver must also have a driving record with less than two moving violations in the past 12 months, or one moving violation and one accident, or two accidents, or any single alcohol-related stop.

Students: Only those University students who have been approved by the Office of Risk Management are allowed to drive University vehicles or rented vehicles for University activities. The student must successfully complete the University's Defensive Driving Course and certify that his/her driving record has fewer than two moving violations in the past 12 months, or one moving violation and one accident, or two accidents, or any single alcohol related stop.

Contact the Office of Risk Management for more information.

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Where can I park a Motor Pool vehicle?

Motor Pool vehicles have parking privileges in all University surface parking lots on the Evanston campus, except:

Some Motor Pool vehicles may be supplied with parking hang tags which should hand from the rearview mirror, with the letter and/or graphics showing through the front windshield. These hang tags are the equivalent of a University F lot parking sticker. The hang tags must be returned to the Motor Pool office at the time of vehicle return.

Motor pool supplied hang tags may not be transferred to personal vehicles.

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Is it possible to arrange for a gasoline credit card?

Departments may request a gasoline-only company credit card. Contact Ellen Barnes, Manager, at (847) 491-3274 for more information.

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Who is responsible for traffic, toll, and parking tickets?

The vehicle driver is ultimately responsible for all tickets, tolls, and parking. Violations will be billed to the renting department using the supplied chart string. If the individual has left the University, the renting department will be liable for the cost of the ticket and additional processing fees.

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Can I return a vehicle even though the Motor Pool office is closed?

The Motor Pool has vehicle key drop boxes in two locations that can be used when our office is closed. Rental charges continue accumulating until the vehicle is checked in during regular Motor Pool business hours. Your Department is  liable for any damage that occur until check in, takes place, during regular business hours.

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