Space Module


Facilities at Northwestern is evolving to match the needs of the University.

The Facilities Connect Space Information module focuses on real-time updates for people and departments to better manage space assignments.

Facilities Connect will simplify access to Facilities information and services, streamlining and automating Northwestern's processes relating to Space Information by replacing SIMS as Northwestern’s primary space information management system.  The implementation of Facilities Connect allows Northwestern community members to update space information in real-time, providing university staff with ease in tracking space information and assigning people to space, accessing total square feet for facilities and administrations funding pool.

Data entry and dynamic reporting in Facilities Connect gives users up-to-date information about facility usage and availability. Facilities Connect will also allow Northwestern staff to gather up-to-date information about space square footage, year round, to negotiate flexible facilities and administration grant monies. As Northwestern University completes required reports, the real time data that Facilities Connect can provide will make the process quicker, easier, and more accurate.

To support campus-wide safety, if Facilities needs to make an assessment or send a notification, Facilities Connect will be a helpful tool in providing information about space layouts, sizes and occupying parties.

The two primary functions of Facilities Connect as Northwestern’s Space Information management platform:

Additional Uses:

Space Management and Data Stewardship

Our Office of Planning’s role using Facilities Connect

The departmental role in providing or maintaining Space data includes:

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