Trina Whittaker, Finalist for Employee of the Year


Congratulations to Trina Whittaker, who was a finalist for the 2018 Employee of the Year!

Whittaker was honored for going above and beyond her role as the assistant foreman at the auto shop. This past year, she has demonstrated leadership in the support network for women in the trades and participated in the Partners in Learning program. Now 17 years at Northwestern, Whittaker says she tries her best to use the voice she has at her workplace to be an advocate for those who are new or feeling lost.

“I never thought it as this thing that deserved any special recognition,” Whittaker said. “It’s just what I did.”

Whittaker was among six finalists recognized at the 41st Annual Staff Service Recognition Luncheon in late May.

“It made me emotional. Humbling is the word. And grateful. And validating. It was pretty cool.”