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Richard B. Silverman, John Evans Professor of Chemistry

Richard Silverman

August 16, 2012
Daniel I. Linzer, Provost
Northwestern University
Evanston, IL 60208

Dear Dan:

I understand that the University is interested in replacing the old Prentice hospital with a new medical research building connected on all floors to the Lurie building. As a researcher with over $1 million/year in total external research funding, supporting a group of eight postdoctoral associates, six doctoral students, and four undergraduate students, I believe this is an excellent idea! My group is currently housed in Silverman Hall, which has a design similar to that planned for this new building; Silverman Hall is connected to Pancoe and Ryan halls on all floors. This allows for optimal interaction among groups of all buildings; any time you have to walk outside to interact, the degree of interaction diminishes tremendously. Sharing equipment and research materials also has a lower barrier when the group members can access the shared equipment and materials easily. The research groups in Silverman have increased the amount of collaboration because of this connectivity, and I am a strong believer that this is the most effective way to do research.


Richard B. Silverman
John Evans Professor of Chemistry