Journal Spreadsheet Upload Process


Registered users will use an Excel template to record journal lines. These journal lines may include any combination of ChartFields for general purposes, (including balance sheet transactions, adjusting, and correcting entries) but are limited to one purpose per journal spreadsheet. The journal spreadsheet may contain hundreds of lines, but will be processed as one journal. Charges are submitted, using the spreadsheet naming conventions described below, as a standardized excel spreadsheet via e-mail to (This is a macro enabled file, if you are having trouble downloading, you may need to switch to a compatible browser, such as Chrome or Firefox).  Refer to detailed instructions regarding Creating a Journal Spreadsheet and instructions on how to Automate Enabling Content. Current registrants and assigned masks can be found on the registrants spreadsheet.

Naming of Journal Spreadsheets

When saving your Journal Spreadsheet use the following format: your 3-character code (mask) plus today's date. Example: ACS11082008.xls

If you submit more than 1 spreadsheet per today the format should be your 3-character mask plus today's date plus an alpha character A, B, C, etc. Example: ACS11082008A.xls

Where to View Uploaded Journals

After the journal spreadsheet has been approved by Accounting Services, the Excel file will be converted into a text file (flat file) and uploaded into NUFinancials. Charges appear in NUFinancials generally on the same day. Charges can be verified by performing an Actuals Journal Search in NUFinancials under the Finance & Accounting tab. See the NUFinancials training materials for Searching for Actuals Journals.

Note: If there is a problem with the submission and the journal spreadsheet cannot be processed, you will be notified by email. You will be required to correct errors and then resubmit the journal spreadsheet. Once the new spreadsheet has been received the original (flawed) spreadsheet will be deleted by the Upload Journal Team.

Department Enrollment Required for Journal Upload Process

To begin using the Journal Spreadsheet, departments must be enrolled in the program. Departments must first complete a Journal Spreadsheet Registration Form. This form provides Accounting Services with the information necessary for approving a department for journal spreadsheet submissions into NUFinancials. Three character alpha codes (masks) are assigned to each department. (You may request a specific mask.) Additionally, masks may be set up for each submitter within a department.

Please complete form, print out, sign and date, and return to:
David Ackermann, Financial Operations IT
555 Clark St. Suite 319
Evanston, IL 60208
Or email form:

When the registration is approved, your department mask will be e-mailed to you and you're ready to start submitting Journal Spreadsheets. The Registrants Spreadsheet has a complete listing of registered journal spreadsheets and their corresponding masks & contact information. These masks are incorporated in the first 3 characters of the Journal ID (ie. TRE – Treasury's Office Spreadsheet), which is helpful when searching for transactions. The source on all journal spreadsheets is ASC.

For NUcore Users/Administrators Only - visit the NUcore website to download the NUcore Journal Upload Registration form and for additional information about the NUcore transaction processing system


Contact Information

Questions about using the journal spreadsheet? Contact Accounting Services at 847.491.5337 or