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Senate Membership



The following resolutions were passed in 2010-2011.

Living Wage Resolutions

Passed 5/4/2011

  1. The Faculty Senate resolves that it is in the collective interest of the Northwestern community – administrators, faculty, staff, and students – to ensure a living wage for all of its workers, including subcontracted workers. A living wage allows workers to afford basic costs of housing, child care, food, transportation, and health care.
  2. The Faculty Senate calls on the University administration to convene a committee composed of administrators, faculty, staff and students to create and implement a plan to ensure a living wage for all of Northwestern’s workers, including subcontracted workers.

Full report from the Social Responsibility Committee

Faculty Handbook Revision Resolution

Passed 6/1/2011

The Faculty Senate instructs the Faculty Handbook Committee to clarify the terms “suspension” and “minor sanction” in the Handbook’s section on disciplinary procedures in order to ensure that it is not possible for a member of the faculty to be involuntarily relieved of all teaching duties, or publicly denounced by the University, without any right to appeal such actions.

Protess Due Process Resolution

Passed 5/4/2011

The Faculty Senate affirmatively supports academic freedom and due process. The Senate notes with deep concern the possible violation of the due process rights of Prof. David Protess. We request and expect a prompt response to the substantive issues raised by the attached report of the Faculty Rights and Responsibilities committee.

Faculty Rights and Responsibilities Committee Protess Report