Funding Amount

There is no limit to the amount of funding that can be requested by an applicant. Students are frequently awarded between $250 and $500. Funding requests will be reviewed and either fully or partially fulfilled depending on the applicant’s financial need, strength of application materials, and availability of funds. 

Funding Method

All approved funding requests will be paid as reimbursements and processed through Student Accounts in CAESAR. For students with extenuating circumstance, contact

Funding Requirements

Potential applicants must complete the Katz Enrichment Fund application and create an itemized budget within the application to be considered for funding. We encourage applications to provide as much detail as possible. A committee made up of staff from Student Enrichment Services and will state if you are approved, rejected, or if more information is needed.

Approved applicants must submit receipts and appropriate documentation in order to receive awards.

Upon completion of the opportunity, students must also submit a short essay (250 words) on how the Katz Enrichment Fund enriched their Northwestern experience and/or positively impacted their sense of belonging, community, and involvement on campus. Failure to provide receipts or submit an essay can result in the repayment of funds and/or filing a report with the Office of Conduct.