Weinberg College of Arts and Sciences

Does Weinberg provide financial assistance for students who participate in unpaid internships?

Students with demonstrated need who do internships through the Chicago Field Studies program may apply for funds from CFS.  Some individual departments and programs have funds available for internships.  

I'd like to travel to a professional journalism conference, but I am not sure how I could cover the costs. Is Weinberg able to provide funding or any support?

If you are presenting your own work at the conference you are eligible to apply for both a Weinberg conference grant and a University conference grant for a total of up to $1000. See more information on our website.

I want to do independent research over the summer; are there funds available for Weinberg students?

Weinberg students are eligible to apply for University research grants.  If they do not get a University research grant, or if they have already had one, they may apply to the Weinberg grants program. See more information on our website.

I am working on my senior thesis, and I have research costs during the academic year; are there funds available

Weinberg students may apply for academic research grants for research related costs up to $1000.  Examples of what can be funded:  travel to libraries, archives or museums; costs related to interviewing subjects; consumables in labs. In addition, many departments and programs have funds available for their majors; you should ask your director of undergraduate studies if such funds exist in your major.

I hope to do research abroad; does Weinberg provide support or resources in this area?

Both university undergraduate research grants and Weinberg research grants may be used for research abroad; in both cases students may request funding beyond the standard $3000.  In such cases students will be asked to provide budgets.

Are there Federal work-study or non-Federal work study jobs available in Weinberg?

Yes, many of our students work in Weinberg departments. These positions are listed on the Work Study Office jobs. Many labs and professors in the school are also able to hire students as research assistants, both as work-study and non-work study employees.