Medill Support & Resources

I am planning to take a video journalism or photojournalism class, and am concerned about having access to equipment needed. Am I able to rent equipment that I need to complete coursework at Medill?

Yes, Medill offers equipment rental, depending on the course you are enrolled in. Please work with your course instructor and Medill’s Teaching Technologies team to determine equipment needs and the rental process.

I see that I will need specific software to complete multimedia projects while at Medill. How can I get access to software at a discounted rate?

Medill offers free or discounted software downloads for our students. Please visit our software recommendations page for the list of options and links to download.

What kind of financial support is provided to Medill students participating in a Journalism Residency?

Students receive either an hourly wage OR a $1,250 stipend during their Journalism Residency quarter. Since JR is a tuition-bearing, academic quarter, this stipend is provided to help offset relocation and living costs during that quarter.

(Students going on an international JR do not receive a stipend because their airfare and living accommodations are paid through the NU International Office, similar to the arrangement for students who study abroad.)

Can I work while participating in my Journalism Residency?

Students are allowed to work while on JR. Before beginning a job, students must fully disclose to the JR team and to their site supervisor where and when they will be working in order to avoid conflicts of interest.

Is there a way to apply for additional funding while participation in my Journalism Residency?

Students are eligible to apply for a Ben Baldwin Scholarship for additional financial assistance. If they can demonstrate that the costs for the quarter off campus are higher than a typical quarter on campus, then they may be awarded additional assistance but typically no more than $500. Students can apply for this funding from the first through 55th day of their JR.

While on JR, students will continue to receive all the financial aid they normally get. The only exception is work-study, which is prohibited during JR. Students should contact the Financial Aid Office if they are interested in converting work-study funds into a low-interest loan. It may also be possible to work more hours before or after the JR quarter to make up the difference. Special financial, medical and personal considerations affecting JR site assignment are taken into account during the placement process. The JR staff makes every reasonable attempt to work within students’ limitations while still ensuring appropriate site placement. To learn more about funding during your residency, please visit our web site.

Does Medill provide financial assistance for students who participate in unpaid internships?

The Medill Fellowship Program (MFP) consists of stipends provided to deserving undergraduate and/or graduate level Medill students who have secured unpaid, journalism-related internships during the summer. The application process for the MFP will open this year during the first week of May. Awards will be announced during the last week of May. To learn more about our Medill Fellowship Program please visit our website.

I'd like to travel to a professional journalism conference, but I am not sure how I could cover the costs. Is Medill able to provide funding or any support?

Medill provides conference registration funding for up to $250 to all students. Information about the process for receiving these funds will be sent to all Medill students in the spring quarter each year. Additionally, each year we are able to provide travel, lodging and registration costs for the student leaders of the following journalism associations:

  • National Black Association of Black Journalists
  • National Association or Hispanic Journalists
  • Asian American Journalists Association
  • Native American Journalists Association
  • National Lesbian & Gay Journalists Association
  • Society of Professional Journalists
  • Association of Women in Sports Media
I am thinking about traveling abroad or pursuing international reporting opportunities. Does Medill provide support or resources in this area?

Medill students are eligible to apply for the Eric Lund Global Reporting and Research Grant. This fund was created to provide opportunities for students to pursue research and reporting experiences abroad, particularly in underreported parts of the world. The grants provide an opportunity to travel abroad, particularly in underreported areas of the world, to research and produce projects on compelling, newsworthy topics that interest you. To find out more about the Lund Grant, please visit their website.

Additionally, Medill also offers the opportunity to travel on an international trip over academic breaks. During these trips, Medill covers most on-site program costs, including lodging, transportation, activities and some meals. Unless otherwise noted, students will be responsible for some aspects of their expenses, however, additional financial aid will be available for students that have additional need. Information about these opportunities will be sent to all students in the Fall, Winter, or Spring quarters.

If you have additional questions about financial assistance options at Medill, please contact Dorina Aguilar Rasmussen, Director of Student Life