McCormick School of Engineering

Are there specific student groups for engineers?

Yes, McCormick has a number of student groups to get involved with. Check them out on our website.

I’ve heard about the Co-op program and know that it has something to do with gaining full-time work experience, but I’m not quite sure how it all works.

Co-op is an educational program which allows engineering students to alternate periods of academic study with full-time periods of paid work experience related to their academic and professional goals. You can read more information about it on our website.

I am an incoming first-year student and have a question about choosing classes. Is there someone I can talk to?

Yes, you can find your First-Year Adviser here.

Is tutoring support available through McCormick?

Visit our Tutoring Resources page for a full listing of available tutoring options.

I’m not sure what major I want to focus on within engineering.

The McCormick Office of Personal Development offers a number of resources to help you figure out what major is best for you. Visit our Academic Planning page to read one-page snapshots that offer a brief summary of each McCormick major.