Study Abroad

Why should I study abroad when I worked so hard to get to Northwestern?

There’s more to your undergraduate education than just classroom academics; studying abroad involves learning about and experiencing different cultural, social, economic, and political systems, and these experiences cannot be replicated on campus. Study abroad also helps build transferable professional and personal skills, such as cross-cultural communication, foreign language ability, leadership, creativity, and adaptability. Visit the Study Abroad Office website for more information.

Can first-gen students / students of color / students with high financial need study abroad?

YES! Visit the Identity & Diversity section of the Study Abroad Office website for information about and resources for students with financial need, first-gen students, accessibility abroad, gender and LGBTQ+ abroad, race and ethnicity, and religion.


Will my credits transfer? Will I graduate on time?

Study abroad is considered an extension of your academic career at Northwestern. If you are approved to study abroad, you are eligible to earn credit at Northwestern for coursework abroad and, in many cases, fulfill major, minor, or distribution requirements. Review the school-specific checklists and academic information on the study abroad website.

Does financial aid transfer to study abroad?

YES! Your Northwestern, federal, and state financial aid can apply to all 160+ Northwestern-sponsored and affiliated programs in over 50 countries. Study abroad does not change your expected family contribution, and your financial aid will be adjusted to cover the cost of the program you attend.

Can I apply for study abroad scholarships?

YES! You are welcome and encouraged to apply for study abroad scholarships from a variety of sources. The Northwestern IPD, GESI, and Study Abroad offices offer scholarships for their own programs, and you may also be eligible for scholarships through your study abroad program or outside organizations.

What other financial resources are available for students with high financial need?

In addition to financial aid, Pell recipients and other high-need students have a number of resources available to make study abroad a financial reality:

  • The Gilman Scholarship is a national study abroad scholarship for Pell Grant recipients who are U.S. citizens.
  • There is pre-departure financial support available to help defray the burden of up-front costs, like program deposits and flights.
  • Email or schedule an appointment with Krista Bethel in the financial aid office to discuss your specific program, costs, financial aid, and budgeting for study abroad.