Service and Engagement

I’d like to get involved with the community, but I spend any free time I have at work. Is there a way I can do both?

Yes, there are a number of programs that provide meaningful engagement along with a paycheck. If you’re interested in working with youth, check out JumpstartBooks & Breakfast, or America Reads. Each of these programs connect Northwestern students with children around literacy. The work-study office also has a number of off-campus positions, including roles with Rotary International and the Evanston Public Library

Engage Chicago looks really interesting – but it’s way out of my price range! Is there additional scholarship assistance?

Yes. In addition to grants and/or loans available through the Northwestern Office of Undergraduate Financial Aid, students are also able to apply to the separate Engage Chicago Scholarship Fund. We work closely with students to explore all possible scholarship opportunities. 

I’m hoping to work in the public sector after graduation, but I’m having a hard time finding paid positions. Have any recommendations?

There are many opportunities for paid public interest work – particularly through the Northwestern Office of Fellowships or service programs like AmeriCorps VISTA. If you’re interested in working specifically in Chicago, the Northwestern University Public Interest Program places graduating seniors in yearlong fellowships around the city. Other popular programs include New Sector AllianceMatch Education, and Venture for America.