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Emergency Preparation and Response

What to do in advance of, during and after a major emergency.

Being prepared and staying calm are keys to surviving an emergency. Use this webpage as a resource for preparation and response.


Take these steps before any emergency occurs.

  1. Review your building, department or campus's emergency plan. Following the plan will save lives and minimize damage.
  2. Familiarize yourself with the closest escape routes. Escape routes are posted in building hallways.
  3. Acquire a personal disaster preparedness kit. You can purchase or assemble your own kit.

Reporting an Emergency

Call 911 for any situation that requires any immediate police, fire, or medical response.

Other important phone numbers

  • University Police non-emergency: From any campus phone: x 456; Evanston: 847-491-3456; Chicago: 312-503-3456
  • Facilities Management repairs: Evanston: 847-491-5201; Chicago: 312-503-8000
  • Information Technology repairs: 611 from any campus phone
  • Main University telephone numbers: Evanston: 847-491-3741; Chicago: 312-503-8649

After a Major Emergency

Do not re-enter a building after an emergency.

Facilities Management will assess buildings for re-entry. University Police or Facilities Management personnel will evaluate damaged buildings and check and/or turn off water, gas, and electrical mains.

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