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About Emergency Notifications

The Northwestern University Emergency Notification System disseminates timely information to the campus community in the event of a crisis affecting the University.

Types of Notifications


For immediate or imminent threats, messages titled AlertNU notify members of the Northwestern community via email, text, phone calls, digital screens, the web and social media when there is an emergency occurring on campus that requires immediate action, like an active aggressor.

AlertNU messages will be denoted with the color red, where possible.

Example email message header image:


Crime Notice

For serious and continuing threats, email messages titled Crime Notice will notify community members when there are critical incidents and threats to safety to know about such as robberies, sexual assaults, aggravated assaults, vehicle thefts or hate crimes.

Crime Notice messages will be denoted with the color purple, where possible.

Example email message header image:


Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

What phone number and email address will AlertNUs come from?

AlertNU messages come from the following numbers and addresses. To easily recognize calls and text messages as emergency alerts, we recommend adding these numbers to your phone contact list and naming the entries “AlertNU.”

  • Telephone: 847-491-1100
  • Text (SMS): 67283, 226787, 78015, 81437, 77295
  • Email display name: AlertNU
  • Email address:

After an AlertNU is issued, where can I find more details about the emergency?

Updates will be shared as available on the Northwestern homepage. The homepage will drive users to the University emergency landing page for the most up-to-date information. You will also be updated via telephone, text and email.

Will an “all clear” message be sent when the emergency is resolved?

Yes. Additional messages with updated information, including an “all clear” update, will be sent from AlertNU when appropriate.

Managing Your Information

Who is eligible to register for AlertNU notifications?

Students, faculty and staff are automatically entered into the system and receive email notifications. They may also receive additional notifications via landline, cell phone and text, by entering those numbers within their student records system, CAESAR, or the myHR system for faculty and staff.

How do I keep my information up to date and receive AlertNU notifications via text?

If your contact information or phone number changes during the year, or if you wish to ensure you will receive emergency notifications via text, please use the following systems to update:

  • Students: CAESAR. Here's a guide on how to add a mobile number in CAESAR to receive texts.
  • Faculty and Staff: myHR. Here's a guide on how to add a mobile number in myHR to receive texts.

How can I verify my information is entered in the system so I will receive emergency notifications?

Here is a guide to the steps to self-validate that you will receive emergency notifications.

How do others outside of faculty, staff and students opt in to AlertNU?

Members of the larger community (including parents, visitors, contractors, vendors and external community members) can enroll in AlertNU by texting “AlertNU” to 226787. You will receive a confirmation text indicating that you have successfully subscribed. To be removed from the system, simply text "stop" to the same number.

For those that will be on campus for a shorter duration of time, you may subscribe for 7 days by texting “AlertNU7” to 226787 or for 30 days by texting “AlertNU30” to the same number.

I am enrolled in classes. When will I begin receiving AlertNU messages?

Students will begin to receive alerts from AlertNU after activating their Northwestern email account. Faculty and staff will begin receiving AlertNU alerts shortly after their appointment is made in myHR and a Northwestern email account is issued

When will I stop receiving alerts from AlertNU?

Students will stop receiving alerts 148 days post-graduation or withdrawal. Faculty and staff will stop receiving alerts 14 days post termination.

Those subscribing via text (SMS) will expire as follows:

  • AlertNU: 365 Days
    AlerttNU7: 7 Days
    AlertNU30: 30 Days
Upon expiration, you will receive a notification on how to resubscribe.