Video of CAPS Doctoral Internship

Please note that the video describes the opportunity for interns to work at the Chicago office one day a week.  This opportunity is no longer available, beginning with the 2017-18 cohort.  Based on the observation by both interns and supervisors, we have concluded that working at the Chicago CAPS one day a week, although interesting for the change of clientele and environment, can be disruptive for the interns' work and scheduling, and overall their clinical effectiveness.  Having only one day in Chicago does not allow enough continuity of client care, supervision, consultation, advocacy, and follow-up for those clients in Chicago. 

It also takes up a day out of the five-day work week, which presents some challenges in the interns' time management and focus for their Evanston clients.  We hope that having our Doctoral Interns work only in the Evanston office five days a week throughout the internship year will make their learning and clinical services more focused, streamlined, and effective.  Please ignore the segments on the video related to the interns' experience of working at the Chicago CAPS office.

The CAPS Internship Video was the 2012-13 Intern Project coordinated by Mandy Freeman, Lauren A. Lee, and Elizabeth Peters.  Funding for the production was from the Wendy R. Cutler Memorial Fund in honor of the former Training Director, Dr. Wendy Cutler.  We are grateful for the participation of the following CAPS interns and externs, past and present (in alphabetical order of last names): Sallie Boulos-Sophy, Alisia Caban, Nick Calingaert, Leila Ellis-Nelson, Nancy L. Easton, David Le, Roberto Luna, Liz Miller, Nick Pinkerton, Giovanna Rivano Gomez, Blaine Washington, and Tali Yuz.