Lynn Gerstein, LCSW

Lynn Gerstein, LCSW
Alcohol and Other Drug Specialist
& Group Program Co-Coordinator

Alcohol and Other Drug Specialist & Group Program Co-Coordinator


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Special Interests

Substance abuse; family and relationship concerns; identity issues; gender and sexuality issues


  • B.A. Linguistics and Spanish: UCLA, Los Angeles, CA
  • M.A. Linguistics: UCLA, Los Angeles CA
  • Masters of Social Work (MSW): Family Mental Health: Syracuse University, Syracuse, NY


My clinical training is in Family Systems Theory and Practice and my clinical experience includes both individual and group therapy. I have worked with individuals, couples, families and organizations (workplaces) with a specialization in substance abuse. My orientation comes from my identity as a social worker, drawing on many theoretical models. My work with individuals is built on the belief that in therapy we are seeking change, movement out of isolation or pain into empowerment and fulfillment. This change can happen in a variety of ways, through changes in the environment as well as interpersonal changes. I work to understand the client’s current experience and goals for change and together we explore the strategies that are best suited for the individual needs. I am particularly interested in issues of identity and relationships. I also have a passion for group therapy and believe that interpersonal process groups are a powerful way to learn about ourselves and our relationship. Group therapy provides clients the opportunity to make significant changes quickly by exploring our experiences/reactions in the moment and learning healthy responses to our emotional experiences.

Because in therapy, the relationship is the tool, or change agent, I approach supervision and training through a relational lens. My role as supervisor is to understand the supervisee and his/her abilities, strengths and growth edges. In supervision we explore together what works well and define areas for development and attention. The goal of supervision is to create a relationship where the supervisee is able to refine and hone his/her tool and expand therapeutic skill and ability.

Supervision of group therapy includes co-facilitating of group with senior staff and exploring group dynamics and co-facilitation with our group therapy team.