Jod Taywaditep, Ph.D.

Jod Taywaditep, Ph.D.
Associate Director for Training

Associate Director for Training


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Special Interests

Multicultural themes including minority identities and marginalization, cultural adjustment, GLBTQA students, gender issues, international students, anxiety, family and relationship concerns, grief and loss.


  • M.A. and Ph.D.: Clinical Psychology, University of Illinois at Chicago, IL
  • Internship: UIC Counseling Center, University of Illinois at Chicago, IL


Although I began my clinical training in psychology with a focus on cognitive-behavioral therapy, over the years, thanks to the help of my supervisors, I have acquired psychodynamic, humanistic, and interpersonal theories to enrich my work. I integrate cognitive-behavioral therapy, existential/humanistic approach, self-psychology, and feminist and multicultural theories into a blend that helps me have a better grasp of the complexity of the human experience.

My professional interests include training and supervision in professional psychology, teaching, human sexuality and gender issues, prejudices, identity development, intergenerational conflict, multicultural counseling, and diversity issues, international students, individuals with GLBTQ concerns, and mental-health issues related to marginalization and oppression.

Regarding supervision and training, I am honored that my work plays a role in the development of future generations of psychologists. My work as a supervisor begins with setting the environment in which both we work collaboratively to increase our skills and awareness; I hope the learning goes both ways, and not one of us, but both of us become better at what we do—as it is my believe that all clinicians must continue to learn and grow throughout their professional lives. My work entails discovering and highlighting the trainee’s assets, talents, and interests, then strengthening these assets further, as well as locating areas growth areas in light of their development as a clinician, then devising approaches that assist the trainee to achieve greater levels of professional competency and autonomy.