David Shor, Ph.D.

David Shor, Ph.D.
Director of Clinical Services

Director of Clinical Services


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Special Interests

Sports psychology, identity development, relationship issues, gender issues, performance enhancement.


  • B.A.: Psychology – University of Texas at Austin
  • Ph.D.: Northwestern University - Counseling Psychology
  • Predoctoral Internship: University of California at Santa Barbara Counseling and Career Services
  • Postdoctoral Fellowship: Northwestern University CAPS


In supervision, I aim to provide a collaborative, learning environment that nurtures existing skills while also challenging my supervisee to stretch and grow clinically. I expect supervisees to set clinical goals for their training experience and will work hard to help supervisees obtain the clinical experiences they value. I also consider supervisees’ professional development as a focus of clinical supervision. I expect supervisees to challenge themselves both in and out of supervision and expect to review examples of clinical work on a regular basis. I enjoy working with different theoretical orientations and encourage my supervisees to experiment with a variety of orientations/therapeutic techniques during their training year.

I was trained and tend to conceptualize from a psychodynamic frame. However, given that much of our work is with highly intelligent and intellectualized students, I find it is essential to address cognitions and behaviors and to offer psycho-education. I frequently see actors, musicians, singers etc in addition to the “performance” of academic excellence and what many see as social performances. In supervision, I offer a combination of respect, support, and challenge. I respect my supervisees as adults and treat them as such. That includes identifying strengths and providing space and encouragement for the development of those talents and skills. Treating supervisees as adults also means I expect an openness to ones areas of weakness and a willingness to work with me on those areas. I also expect supervisees to accept the responsibilities that come with their position and to make client welfare their top priority.