Stress Management Clinic

Life as an NU student offers a times a dizzying array of challenges and opportunities. The task of balancing academic, social, and extracurricular responsibilities can be stressful. And while stress is a fact of life, too much stress can cause problems. It can affect your mental and physical health and negatively impact relationships with friends and family. Therefore, the ability to effectively manage stress is an important life skill for students to acquire. The SMC is dedicated to providing information and a set of practical tools and strategies for coping with the negative consequences of stress. Participants in our various groups and workshops learn to: recognize the signs and symptoms of dysfunctional stress; learn and practice relaxation techniques including biofeedback; and receive support and encouragement for engaging in healthy lifestyle practices such as exercise, yoga, and meditation. I invite you to explore our links l listed below to get a sampling of our clinic offerings and for registration information.

Below are a list of workshops and other resources. Please check back periodically as new workshops and resources will be added.

For more information or to sign up for the Stress Clinic, please contact CAPS at 847-491-2151 or Dr. Henry Perkins. You can also register on-line by following the link for the Stress Clinic offered.

Stress Management Clinics -- Spring 2020 (Suspended at this time)



Progressive Muscle Relaxation by Dr. Henry J. Perkins

  • Listen to Dr. Perkins explain PMR.

The Relaxation Response by Dr. Sara Gruzlewski

  • Listen as Dr. Sara Gruzlewski explains the relaxation benefits of breath-based meditation.


  • Please visit our Breathe Website here


Introduction to Stress Management by Dr. Henry J. Perkins

  • Watch and listen to Dr. Perkins narrate an introductory slideshow about stress management.