Self Compassion Month

female holding her hands as a heart

March is self-compassion month at CAPS. Check out the daily resources about self-compassion on our social media pages, and share your experiences with self-compassion using #KindToThrive and #Kindness4Wellness.

What is Self-Compassion?

Self-compassion means noticing when we feel challenged, showing ourselves kindness during these challenges, and remembering that these experiences are part of being human (Neff, 2018).

People may think self-compassion means being lazy, weak, or selfish. However, meeting our own emotional needs helps make room to support others. By taking a compassionate approach to self-care, we acknowledge our imperfections, empathize with ourselves, and hold ourselves accountable to work through our concerns.

Learning self-compassion takes time and practice. Start by asking yourself: What would I say to a friend who was in my position? What words do I need to hear from myself today? What words wouldn’t be helpful?



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