students in ballpit and laughing at Dillo Day

students playing jenga at norris at night

students dancing at dillo day

May is a Month of Playfulness.

It is important that we incorporate fun, leisure, and laughter into each day. For the sake of our mental and physical health, let’s make a commitment to integrate play into our day-to-day life at Northwestern. Take a playful break from working hard:

  • Plan to go dancing,
  • draw in a coloring book,
  • put together a puzzle,
  • climb a tree,
  • finger paint,
  • fly kites,
  • run barefoot outside,
  • jump in puddles,
  • and sing karaoke with friends.

Play allows us to not only better manage stress, but also connect with others, develop resiliency, and foster originality. On the other hand, play deprivation can lead to deficiencies in cognitive and motor skills, obesity, emotional dysregulation, depression, and anxiety.

Play Day

Join us on May 9th from 12-3pm at Deering Meadow to celebrate Play Day. Come and play games, be goofy, and eat pizza.

Ways to integrate play into your day