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Movember is about bringing attention to men’s issues, wellness, and mental health. Though these are broad topics that incorporate a vast and diverse set of people, there are some universal issues that we hope to address through various Movember activities. One of these is the concept and definitions of masculinity. Definitions of stereotyped masculinity often include physical size and strength, a restricted range of emotional expression, a sense of autonomy, and an active sex drive, among other “rules.” The rules of masculinity are often defined in narrow terms that lead to an unhealthy representation of manhood sometimes referred to as “toxic masculinity.”

The diversity of men necessitates a diverse set of responses to these rules. The commonality, however, is that most males interact with these rules throughout their lives, at least in the United States. Movember is about taking these rules of masculinity and expanding their definitions to raise awareness of healthy pathways to manhood. For example, exhibiting strength can incorporate concepts such as strength of character; being autonomous can mean having an awareness of ones values and living consistently with those values even when others might disagree.

Movember Events

Wed 11/1 from 4-6pm, Norris | KICK OFF EVENT

  • Come play a FIFA tournament at Norris Starbucks, get hot drinks by the Ice Rink, play cornhole, and get purple mustaches!

Mon 11/6 at 7pm, Kresge 2420 | Men, Body Image & Disordered Eating

Ripped, Buff, Toned, Swole, Bulky ,Cutting, Losing Control: Men, Body Image & Disordered Eating

  • In the U.S., men face unique challenges to maintaining a healthy body image amidst harmful cultural standards and societal messages. It is estimated that around 10 million American men will struggle with an eating disorder during their lives. In this presentation, we will unpack societal messages affecting men’s body image and explore how men experience disordered eating and exercise. We’re going to bust myths, spread knowledge, and share skills to help audience members identify and intervene with a man who they know is at risk for disordered eating.

Fri 11/10 @ Noon, Henry Crown Sports Pavilion Studio 2 | FREE Power Yoga

  • Experience first-hand how yoga can improve your mood, build muscles, prevent sports injuries and boost your energy. In honor of Movember, men are specifically encouraged to attend, but everyone is welcome.
  • Why men should practice yoga?

Thu 11/16 @ 7pm, Kresge 2435 | Hooking Up 101

  • At some point in our college careers, many frustrated students have made the bold statement, “Dating is dead.” Whether this sentiment is true or not, a “hookup culture” of booze-fueled sexual encounters is certainly prevalent on college campuses. This presentation examines all aspects of “hooking up,” from campus climate and hard statistics about sexual activity on campus to examining the very definition of the ambiguous term. “Hooking Up 101” will take your audience on a thoughtful ride of beer, bras and boundaries. Your night at the Deuce will never be the same!

Mon 11/20 at 6pm, Multicultural Center 107  | Finding Agency in Masculinity

Boys Will be Boys, but Do They Have to Be: Finding Agency in Masculinity

  • In this workshop, participants will have an opportunity to reflect on the pressures to conform to masculine performativity. Facilitators will help participants explore tools to remain true to their values amidst external and internal pressures.

Throughout the entire month of November, stop by NU Galleria @Norris to share your thoughts on deconstructing masculinity!