Request for Media Interviews

CAPS Media Interview Policy

Thank you for visiting this site regarding CAPS Media Interview Policy. We appreciate your desire to interview a CAPS clinician to learn more about CAPS services, resources and/or to learn more about various mental health issues. We would like to do what we can to meet your needs, however, because CAPS’ primary mission is to treat students with mental health needs we have to be selective in what type of interviews we can provide. Please refer to the following guidelines and procedures when you request an interview with CAPS clinicians.

  • In order to give priority to students’ mental health needs, CAPS will not divert our resources to address students' requests for class-related interviews. Please visit the FAQ page for information which may be useful for your topic(s) of interest. Many students are able to find the information they need when they conduct this research themselves.
  • Requests for any non-class project related interviews will be reviewed and coordinated by CAPS Executive Director, John Dunkle.
  • To maximize the use of available time, CAPS would like to request that you provide your questions in advance.
  • Due to CAPS heavy demands for clinical services, we want to apologize in advance that we won’t be able to provide interviews with short notice. Requests should be submitted 72 hours in advance.

Please fill out the CAPS Request for Media Interviews Form to streamline your request for interview.