Body Acceptance Week 2018

This month, consider the idea that your body is amazing just the way it is and explore what it would be like to focus on body acceptance!
Here are a few ideas to help you with body acceptance, and we will be posting more resources, links, and videos throughout the month.

Body Acceptance Week Events

Stop by the Body Affirmation Station to pick up handouts on ways to improve body image, learn about resources for addressing eating disorders, and receive a "You Are Beautiful! sticker.

Date Time Location





Henry Crowne Sports Pavillion

2/20/2018 11am-1pm Allison Dining Hall
2/21/2018 11am-1pm Law School Atrium

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We are surrounded with messages about what our bodies should and should not look like.  Filled with images and products aimed at fostering that “perfect body”, body image dissatisfaction has become pervasive in a culture with these narrowly defined images of attractiveness that can contribute to insecurities, an unattainable search for the “ideal” appearance, and eating disorders.
This week is about challenging the media and cultural norms regarding what a body should look like. But it is also about developing an attitude of self-acceptance along with self-nurturing behaviors, not about changing your physical appearance. 

Embrace your body and remember that there is no wrong body. Every body is different, and body acceptance encourages us to strive to celebrate these differences.

Additional Resources