Common Student Concerns

Several concerns have consistently been reported by students as reasons for seeking counseling. These issues were identified by the students on a self-report form on their first visit to CAPS prior to speaking with a counselor. (Students could check as many problems as they felt applied.)
  • Anxiety/Fears/Worries 69 %
  • Schoolwork and Grades 65%
  • Procrastination 57%
  • Depression 54%
  • Perfectionism 54%
  • Career Indecision 49%

About two-thirds of the students who come to CAPS want help with issues regarding adjustments to college life and adult responsibilities. Students in the professional schools may need help negotiating the transition to the rigors of the professional field and training. Their issues also often include:

  • Living away from family and home
  • Adjusting to the rigorous and competitive academic environment
  • Living with a roommate
  • Developing a sense of community for oneself in a new and different social environment
  • Taking more responsibility for oneself than ever before.

CAPS counselors also see students with more involved problems, and psychiatric services are available for CAPS' clients.