Drugs and Alcohol

Services at Northwestern CAPS

Confidential Assessment and exploration: CAPS offers students an opportunity to talk one on one with a professional to explore their relationship with alcohol and other drugs. Brief individual counseling is available for students to explore concerns or risks related to use and to support changes a student might want to make.

NU’s Health Promotion and Wellness (HPAW) department offers the BASICS program (Brief Alcohol and Other Drug Screening and Intervention for College Students): a confidential service for students who want to explore their alcohol and other drug use. It is designed to assist students in examining their own behaviors and experiences in a judgment-free environment. Students can assess personal risks, compare use to that of other students and identify any potential changes that could work to reduce risks.

Visit our Alcohol and Other Drug Resources Page for Students for more information.

Worried About a Friend?

If you are concerned about a friend’s use of alcohol and other drugs, it may be helpful to seek support from CAPS or HPaW to explore your concerns more fully. Here is a link that provides information if you are worried about a friend.

Visit our Help A Friend page for more information.

On Line Resources

Interactive web surveys allow students to explore drinking or drug use patterns and receive personalized feedback about their use. The assessments take about 10 minutes to complete and do not require an in-person meeting with a health care professional. Below is a link to these surveys for college students. We encourage you to consider consulting a health care professional about any questions or concerns that arise on these surveys. Remember, consultation at CAPS and HPaW is free and confidential.

Visit e-Checkup to Go to fill out these surveys.

Community Resources

You can also find a licensed facility in your community.