Brief Individual Psychotherapy

Brief individual psychotherapy consists of meeting one-on-one with a CAPS counselor for 45-50 minutes. The frequency of these meetings varies based on need and availability as discussed between student and counselor. CAPS clinicians strive to offer empathy, compassion, insight, and skill building opportunities in a confidential, non-judgmental environment.


Goals for brief psychotherapy are determined collaboratively and might include:

  • Coping effectively with immediate life stresses
  • Having a positive first experience in therapy before engaging in longer term individual work or transitioning into group therapy
  • Gaining new skills to deal with new challenges
  • Finding greater understanding and new perspectives on life experiences

Given the short-term nature of CAPS counseling, CAPS may also assist you in a referral to a community therapist for specialized or longer-term therapy. In all cases, we work together with you to determine the best approach to meet your needs.

Reasons that a community referral might be a best resource for a student include:

  • Need for specialized or more intensive care
  • Other mental health providers or resources are a better fit for a student’s needs
  • A student is graduating or otherwise leaving the area soon and would benefit from getting connected with providers in the community
  • A student would benefit from open ended rather than structured support and/or more frequent and/or flexible appointments
  • A student may get an appointment in the community more quickly, and this is important to them
  • A student is not full time or degree seeking at NU

To receive services (on either Chicago or Evanston campus), please call CAPS at 847-491-2151 to schedule an initial phone consultation with a counselor.