Using the Assignment function (under CERT tab), pre-review, certification, andpost-review responsibilities for employees' effort forms can be delegated (forpre or post, to administrative personnel; for certification, to the employeeher/himself OR to the employee's supervisor).   Assignment can also be used to placeemployees into sub departments for internal management purposes, or to delegatemanagement to other departments.  Last,Assignment can be used to delegate management responsibilities for allemployees in a specific sub department to a Sub Department Coordinator.  Only Central Administrators (CA), DepartmentCoordinators (DC), and Sub Department Coordinators (SubDC) have access to theAssignment Function.  CA may perform allassignments for all departments; DC may perform all assignments (except facultycertifiers—only CAs can update) for all employees in his/her department(whether it is the employee's home department, or if the employee wasreassigned there by her/his actual home department); SubDC may perform allassignments (except faculty certifier) for employees in the sub department(s)for which they are SubDC.

Alternate Sub Department
A sub department to which a user is assigned for management purposes.   Refers to both internal sub departments of aparent department (i.e. parent department is 1234, internal sub department is 123401)and to any non-home department an employee is assigned to, whether parent orsub (ex: an employee's home department is 1234, but she is assigned toalternate sub department 5678 [parent] or 567801 [sub of parent]).

Central Administrator (CA)
Central Administrators  oversee theEffort Reporting System (ERS), and assist administrators with day to day tasksrelated to effort reporting.  CAs canview and run reports on all past and present effort forms (university wide) inERS.  Effort Reporting Coordinators areCAs, and can assist you with ERS questions and issues.

In ERS, a feature that allows certifiers (faculty and some administrativepersonnel) to attest to (certify) the effort of themselves and those theysupervise (grad students, post docs, etc.). Certification is the task of confirming effort.

Employees given the "CERT" role in ERS (faculty and some administrativepersonnel) attest to (certify) their own effort, and often the effort ofemployees they supervise (grad students, post docs, etc.).  A certifier is a person responsible forcompleting the certification task.

Organizational units within NU (such as academic departments, centers andclinical units) to which users are assigned. Numerical department designation is based on the NU HR 4-digitdepartment code instead of the 7-digit NU Financials Department ID.  Departments may be further subdivided intosub departments, with management responsibilities delegated to Sub DepartmentCoordinators.   Sub Departmentdesignation is based on the NU HR 6-digit sub department code.

Departmental Coordinator (DC)
Department Coordinators are responsible for overseeing the completion of effortforms for their departments. The DC may view and manage all effort formsassigned to her department, and has the ability to delegate (using"Assignments" function) Sub Department management (SubDC), Pre Review, and PostReview responsibilities to other personnel. Generally, the DC is the default Pre and Post Reviewer for thedepartment over which he has authority (until he chooses to reassign theseresponsibilities).   The DC can alsochange non-faculty certifier assignments.   Even after assigning otherpersonnel as SubDC, Pre Reviewer, and/or Post Reviewer, the DC can still viewall department effort forms, complete Pre and Post Review tasks, and change SubDC,pre reviewer, non-faculty certifier, and post reviewer assignments at any time(for all personnel assigned to her department, regardless of sub departmentassignments).

A school (or area such as VPR) to which departments are assigned.  Division is often synonymous with Dean's Officeor College.

Division Head (DH)
Staff with the Division Head role can view reports for multiple departments(all departments assigned to their divisions). For example, the FSM Dean's Office can view reports for all departmentsin the medical school, and the MCC Dean's office can view reports for alldepartments in the engineering school. This access allows the deans to monitor and manage effort reporting fortheir own schools.  Staff in some centraloffices (including OSR, ASRSP, ORI, and the Audit department) are granted widerDH access (can view reports for multiple divisions [includes alldepartments within those divisions]) in order to verify effort forprogress reports, cost sharing, risk assessment, etc.  For example, OSR staff (Evanston and Chicagooffices) can view reports for all departments and centers on both campuses.

The departments and/or sub departments for which a Department Coordinator orSub Department Coordinator can view and manage effort forms (ex: the domain ofa DC for department 1234 includes 1234, sub department 123401, and subdepartment 123402; the domain for a SubDC assigned exclusively to 123401 is 123401only).

Feature allowing ERS users to email other users directly from ERS. Somenotifications are sent automatically by ERS (ex: when pre review is completed,ERS automatically sends a notification email to the certifier that the form isunlocked for review and certification).

Pre Review
Process in which an effort form is reviewed and adjusted by an administratorbefore it is released for certification. Pre Review represents the administrator's estimate of total effortdevoted by the employee to each project/account.  In pre review, missing accounts can be added,and estimated effort percentages (where different than payroll percentages) canbe adjusted using cost share.   Until PreReview is complete, the Certifier does not have access to the effort form.  Upon Pre Review completion, the Certifier isautomatically notified by email from ERS that the form is ready for certification.

Pre Reviewer
The Pre Reviewer completes the pre review task for forms assigned to him by aCA, DC, or SubDC.  A pre reviewer may beassigned specific employees' forms, or entire sub departments (if assigned prereview responsibility for a sub department, the pre reviewer must complete prereview for all employees assigned to the sub department).  Initially, the Department Coordinator is setas the default Pre Reviewer.

Each employee with access to ERS has a Profile containing basic data pulled from myHR (including Employee ID, Name, Home Department, Division, Title, and default email address for ERS notifications). Only the email address may be updated within ERS (when logged in, users can click the "My Profile" tab to update email).  When non-editable profile data is changed in myHR, the ERS Profile updates automatically.

Post Review
Post Review is only required if certified effort differs from pre reviewedeffort; it reconciles the differences. Post Review provides an added layer ofcompliance by notifying department personnel when payroll journals are needed,and keeps administrators informed of true effort (to guide future payroll andproject management).  Until Certificationis complete, the Post Reviewer does not have access to the effort form.  Upon Certification completion, the PostReviewer is automatically notified by email from ERS if Certification differsfrom Pre Review (in which case Post Review is required).

Post Reviewer
The Post Reviewer completes the post review task (when needed) for formsassigned to her by a CA, DC, or SubDC.  Apost reviewer may be assigned specific employees' forms, or entire subdepartments (if assigned post review responsibility for a sub department, thepost reviewer must complete post review for all employees assigned tothe sub department).  Initially, theDepartment Coordinator is set as the default Post Reviewer.

Each employee who uses ERS is assigned a Role, which determines her access andedit privileges within ERS.  Examples IncludeDepartment Coordinator (DC), Sub Department Coordinator (SubDC), Pre Reviewer(PRE), Certifier (CERT), and Post Reviewer (POST).

Sub Department
Organizational sub units within NU parent departments (ex: parent department is1234, and includes sub departments 123401, 123402, and 123403).  Sub Department designation is based on the NUHR 6-digit sub department code.  Note: ina list of a department's sub departments, the parent department is also listed(parent department always ends in "00"—ex: parent department 1234 would appearin a list of sub departments as 123400). See also "Alternate Sub Department."

Sub Departmental Coordinator (Sub DC)
Sub Department Coordinators are responsible for overseeing the completion ofeffort forms for the sub departments to which they are assigned by a DC. TheSubDC may view and manage all effort forms assigned to her sub department(s),and usually has the ability to delegate (using "Assignments" function) PreReview and Post Review responsibilities to other personnel (however, the DC mayremove SubDC Assignment privileges if desired). Generally, the SubDC is the default Pre and Post Reviewer for the subdepartment(s) over which he has authority (until he chooses to reassign theseresponsibilities).   If given Assignmentabilities by the DC, the SubDC can also change non-faculty certifierassignments for personnel assigned to her sub department(s).    Even after assigning other personnel as PreReviewer and/or Post Reviewer, the Sub DC can still view all effort forms inher assigned sub department(s), complete Pre and Post Review tasks, and change subdepartment(s') pre reviewer, non-faculty certifier, and post reviewerassignments at any time (if given Assignment privileges by DC).