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Expectations for Visitors to Campus

Updated Jan. 3, 2023

All visitors must follow established safety protocols, including any current masking requirements. Visitors may include prospective students, Northwestern event attendees, contractors, volunteers and family or friends visiting campus.

Because of the significant numbers of visitors and diverse reasons why they come to campus, there is not a centrally managed process for registering visitors and events at this time. Instead, schools and units who host visitors and events can determine the optimal approach for their context in alignment with the guidance below. Please note, these guidelines may change over time.


  • Visitors are permitted to come to campus, and there are no capacity limits nor restrictions prohibiting gatherings on campus.
  • All visitors to campus are expected to adhere to applicable University safety protocols that are in place at the time they visit campus. These may include protocols regarding masking and other expected community behaviors. It is the hosts’ responsibility to convey the current expectations to guests they invite to campus.
  • The University no longer requires proof of vaccination nor a negative test for visitors to attend events.
  • Schools and units should adhere to University safety protocols and may not implement local requirements related to visitors’ health status.
  • Events held in other cities or states may be subject to additional or different local requirements, which hosts should monitor.