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On-Campus Activities

Learn more about the University’s approach to instructional spaces, meetings and events, visitors to campus and programming for minors. 

In-Person Instruction

Use of campus instructional spaces by courses is approved for face-to-face or hybrid modes of instruction, study space or other instructional activities, provided:

  • Spaces have been deemed suitable for instruction and appropriate space reservations or requests have been made and approved
  • Social-distancing, new classroom behaviors and other health-related guidelines are followed
Instructional Space Guidelines

Meetings and Events

All gatherings must adhere to local guidance for Evanston and Chicago, including limits on room capacity and group size. On both campuses, in-person gatherings of 50 or fewer people can occur when:

  • Northwestern students, faculty, and staff are the primary participants
  • Social distancing and other health-related guidelines are able to be followed, including the wearing of masks and/or face coverings over the mouth and nose at all times,
  • Records of attendance are maintained for contact tracing

The 50-person limit applies to all University gatherings except for classes. Location-specific guidance is detailed on the meeting and events guidelines page. Gatherings that cannot adhere to the above criteria should plan for remote delivery.

Meeting and Event Guidelines

Visitors to Campus

Pre-approved visitors include:

  • Those whose purpose is among permitted reasons to be on campus
  • Those who have completed a health survey
Visitor Guidelines

Activities for Minors

Programs and activities for minors not enrolled at Northwestern, including pre-college students, must be delivered remotely. In-person programming is prohibited, except in the case of Northwestern University Athletics recruiting events.

Minor Programming Guidelines