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Fall Quarter 2021

Northwestern will return to in-person classes, services and activities for Fall Quarter 2021.

Use this page to learn more about our plans for classes, co-curricular activities and procedures for staying safe. 


Northwestern’s classes will return to in-person status for Fall 2021. Based on positive feedback and outcomes during the pandemic, some select classes, mostly in our graduate programs, will remain in remote or hybrid modalities. These plans are always subject to shifting public health guidance. Please check with your registrar’s office for registration dates.

Community Health Measures

Northwestern tracks a number of internal and external metrics and offers Quarantine and Isolation Housing for undergraduate students living in residence halls, residential colleges, fraternity houses and sorority houses.

If there is a spike or surge in cases specific to Northwestern, a number of steps might be taken, including:

  • Increased testing focused on the population in question
  • Changes to guidelines or policies for activities or density on campus
  • A two-week pause in campus activities or a stay-at-home period

Unvaccinated individuals are required to use the Symptom Tracker application whenever they come to campus and participate in twice-weekly COVID-19 testing.

Campus Living and Activities

Northwestern will require students, faculty and staff to be vaccinated against COVID-19 for the 2021-22 academic year. Please view our vaccination requirement FAQs for more details.

More Information

Information about Fall Quarter 2021 will be added to this webpage as it becomes available. For additional information, use the following resources.

Frequently Asked Questions

For answers to common questions about the upcoming Fall Quarter, review our Fall Quarter 2021 FAQs