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Expectations for Volunteers on Campus

Northwestern has developed vaccination and testing requirements for volunteers in compliance with State of Illinois Executive Order no. 87.

Because of the significant numbers of volunteers and diverse reasons why they come to campus, there is not a centrally managed process for managing volunteers at this time. Instead, schools and units who host volunteers can determine the optimal approach for their context in alignment with the guidance below, which complies with the Executive Order. Please note that these guidelines may change over time.

Requirement for Volunteers

  • Volunteers may come to campus only if they are fully vaccinated against COVID-19 or are testing weekly, in alignment with Executive Order no. 87.
  • Further guidance for volunteers, including information about masking and testing, can be found under Expectations for Visitors to Campus section of the website.

Requirements for Schools and Units Hosting Volunteers

Schools/units hosting volunteers are responsible for ensuring that their volunteers are either fully vaccinated or testing weekly. However, they should not collect nor store individuals’ protected health information. Instead, some or all of the following approaches can be leveraged:

  • Outline language in the volunteer onboarding materials and/or on a website that includes a “COVID-19 Safety Acknowledgement” that uses language such as, “Northwestern is closely monitoring developments related to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic and will follow local, state, and University guidelines for this activity. All volunteers are required to have been fully vaccinated or receive a weekly COVID during the time they are volunteering on campus, as well as comply with all other University safety protocols that are in place at the time of the event. Volunteers unwilling or unable to abide by these requirements should not come to campus.”
  • Include a question or checkbox in volunteer onboarding materials requiring volunteers to acknowledge and agree to comply with the “Safety Acknowledgement.”
  • Display the “COVID-19 Safety Acknowledgement” at the sign-in or entrance of a volunteering space.
  • Rely on the “honor system” after conveying the expectations to volunteers.
  • Check for proof of vaccination or a negative test upon arrival to campus or volunteering event.