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Expectations for Visitors to Campus


Visitors to University buildings must have an academic, research, administrative, or other mission-critical purpose associated with the mission of the University. Visitors must be pre-approved, and the visitor and the “host” who invited the visitor must comply with the Visitors Requirements.


  • A visitor is any individual who is not a currently enrolled student in good standing or active employee for the University.
    • Research participants, patients University clinics, spectators at ticketed events and some other visitor types are not included in this definition (see the Visitor Requirements for details).
  • All visitors must complete a Visitor Request Form and attest to their health status before arriving on campus. Applicants will receive an email notification with the approval or denial of the request.
  • All visitors must adhere to Northwestern’s general health and hygiene requirements.
  • Contractors and vendors/service provider organizations have additional requirements such as having their own COVID-19 risk mitigation policies and procedures and, for those that have not established policies and procedures that include training, employees must complete the University’s mandatory training.
  • Additional details on the registration process, requirements, definitions of visitors, and more can be found in the Visitors Requirements.

Key Considerations

  • University “hosts” who invite visitors to campus should consider whether in-person, on-campus interaction is necessary and should use remote and virtual options whenever possible.

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