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Expectations for Students

It is our responsibility, together, to uphold community standards for ourselves and those in our community, on and off campus.


Northwestern has established the following requirements for all students returning to campus. All students must:

Fill out the COVID-19 Vaccination Form to report their vaccination or request an exception

Abide by safety or hygiene standards recommended by Northwestern, the Illinois Department of Public Health, or the CDC

  • Wear a mask in required spaces
  • Follow University guidance regarding quarantining and self-isolating

All unvaccinated students must:

  • Participate in twice-weekly rapid testing
  • Use the Symptom Tracker application

For additional information regarding responsibilities and accountabilities, please visit the Office of Community Standards website.

Where to Report a Concern

We encourage each member of our community to remind each other of these expectations. In instances where we are unable to hold each other accountable with a friendly reminder or a conversation about these expectations, there are resources available for students to report concerns.

To understand reporting mechanisms available to you, review these websites:

  • NU Help – Students can report a concern about another student
  • EthicsPoint – Student can report activities by any community member that may involve misconduct or violations of University Policy
  • Office of Equity – Students can report anyone in our community who has been the target of, or who witnesses, sexual misconduct, discrimination, or harassment based on a protected category
  • Schools and Departments – Students can report a concern for and about any community member associated with a School or Department to that location