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Mental Health Resources

COVID-19 can affect your emotional and mental health well-being. Here are some resources for self-care.

Resources for Students

Northwestern's Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) has assembled recommendations for taking care of your mental health during the pandemic. See CAPS's Coronavirus/COVID-19 Mental Health Resources.

In addition, CAPS continues to be available for students, and is offering comprehensive tele-mental health services, including 24/7 access to crisis support, initial consultations, virtual gatherings, and individual counseling. Currently, in-office appointments are limited to specific critical needs. CAPS will continue to offer tele-mental health appointments in the Fall but will also begin re-introducing in-person appointments with counselors. Students and counselors will work collaboratively to determine whether tele-mental health or in-person sessions are most suited for each student’s particular needs.

More on CAPS Services


Resources for Staff and Faculty

Caring for Yourself

Consider the following recommendations from CAPS to support your mental wellbeing at this time:

  • Limit media exposure.
  • Use trusted resources to stay informed.
  • Anticipate stress reactions.
  • Recognize the signs of distress.
  • Try different strategies to reduce stress.
See detailed suggestions in CAPS's downloadable flyer, Taking Care of Mental Health during the COVID-19 Infectious Disease Outbreak.