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Return to Campus and Safety Work Group


Luke Figora, Senior Associate Vice President and Chief Risk & Compliance Officer

Reporting to the COVID-19 Oversight Group, the Return to Campus and Safety Work Group is responsible for:

  • Developing broad priorities, goals and risk tolerance
  • Developing general guidelines and principles
  • Queuing up key decisions
  • Coordinating and disseminating information across all groups

Work group members:

  • Gwen M. Butler
  • William Garrett
  • Milan Mrksich
  • Julie A. Payne-Kirchmeier
  • Manuel Cuevas-Trisan
  • Mark John Francis
  • Alexander J Darragh
  • Priya Jenveja Harjani 
  • Richard Thomas D'Aquila

Specialty Subgroups

The Workgroup also coordinates the work of six specialty groups.

With participation from across the University, these groups:

  • Identify key issues that need to be addressed
  • Raise policy-level decisions to the Return to Campus & Safety Workgroup 
  • Develop area-specific plans to implement core principles and guidelines
  • Identify and assess the risks of options as they are developed
  • Identify non-starters, roadblocks, or off-ramps for the Return to Campus & Safety Workgroup
  • Align efforts with University-wide goals and financial resources