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Moving Forward

As the most urgent threats of the COVID-19 pandemic ease and units prepare to return to campus in steps over the next several months, innumerable decisions and interventions will be needed to prepare spaces and operations  for re-occupancy.

Core Responsibilities

To ensure that these modifications can be made quickly and effectively, Core Responsibilities will guide schools and units in developing and executing plans tailored to their specific operational needs. Please expect regular communication as the situation evolves and responses are developed or refined.  

Planning Process


As we move forward with a phased return to campus, a group of faculty and staff from across the schools and units have been working to develop a plan to repopulate our laboratories, dormitories, classrooms, athletic venues, performance halls and common areas.

A Return to Campus and Safety Work Group has spearheaded these efforts, with six subgroups focusing on more detailed operational elements. All groups are working in close alignment with the fall — and overall —  planning efforts led by the Provost and Senior Vice President. If you have questions or suggestions pertaining to a specific school or unit, please connect with these workgroups.