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Frequently Asked Questions

As you’ve likely read or seen in the news, the testing environment is complex, and testing is not widely available for those who do not show symptoms or who have other risk factors. See below answers to common questions about Northwestern's testing procedures, capacity and locations, as well as general guidance.

Northwestern Testing Procedures

What are the testing locations on campus?

  • Asymptomatic Testing on the Evanston Campus will occur at the Jacobs Center (2001 Sheridan Road)
  • Symptomatic Testing for Students on the Evanston Campus will occur at NUHS (Searle Hall, 633 Emerson Street)
  • Symptomatic Testing for Faculty/Staff on the Evanston Campus will occur at the Northwestern Medicine Immediate Care Center (1704 Maple Avenue, Suite 100)
  • Asymptomatic Testing on the Chicago Campus will occur at 345 Superior Street
  • Symptomatic Testing on the Chicago Campus will occur at either the Northwestern Medicine drive-through tent at the Lavin Pavilion, or the Streeterville Immediate Care Center (635 N. Dearborn Street)

When does testing begin?

  • Symptomatic testing on both the Chicago and Evanston campuses is already available.
  • The asymptotic testing is expected to begin August 24 in Evanston and August 27 in Chicago.
  • For the period of August 24 through September 18, we expect to reserve the vast majority of the testing capacity for our students as part of the Wildcat Wellness weeks.
  • Students will receive information about their testing dates from their programs or from Student Affairs.
  • Hours of operation of the testing facilities will be provided.

Who is providing the testing?

  • The testing operations are being offered as a partnership between Northwestern University and Northwestern Medicine
  • The testing sites will be staffed by a combination of NU and NM employees

Who pays for the testing?

For testing following the protocols below, NU will cover the costs of all testing on campus.

What kind of testing is NU providing?

  • We are currently focusing on PCR testing, offering high levels of sensitivity and specificity
  • The tests will be run in NM labs, or by Tempus, a third part diagnostic testing company
  • Test results will usually be available in 2-4 days, depending on the volume of testing in the labs on a given day

General Guidance on Health and Testing

  • Your primary care physician is likely the best resource for questions about your health and appropriate testing. You should always consult your doctor if you have symptoms or suspect exposure to COVID-19.
  • For medical emergencies, call 911 and notify the dispatch personnel that you may have COVID-19.
  • Illinois Department of Public Health has compiled a list of locations offering testing.