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Faculty and Staff Testing

It is very important that faculty and staff who have COVID-19 symptoms follow the processes outlined below.  

If you have symptoms and need to be tested, please visit our symptomatic testing site, take an at-home test, or arrange for a test off campus. Northwestern does not reimburse individuals or units for off-campus testing expenses. 


Symptomatic antigen testing is available for all employees at the Jacobs Center (Evanston), using the northwest entrance. No appointment is needed for symptomatic rapid antigen testing. Before visiting our symptomatic testing site, please confirm the current hours of operation.

Symptomatic testing is not available at 345 E. Superior St. in Chicago. 

In response to declining demand, Northwestern has discontinued asymptomatic COVID-19 testing on both Evanston and Chicago campuses. 

Obtaining Your Test if You Have Symptoms

If you have symptoms and need to be tested, please visit the Jacobs Center, using the northwest entrance. Before visiting the symptomatic testing site, please confirm the current hours of operation. No appointment is needed for symptomatic rapid antigen testing. Please bring your Wildcard or other photo identification. While waiting for your test, and while waiting for your results, it is very important that you self-quarantine until you have a confirmed test result and update your supervisor.

Symptomatic testing is not available at 345 E. Superior St. in Chicago.

Before Testing

You have already received an email titled “NAVICA Invitation from Northwestern University for (your name)” to your Northwestern email address. This email details the steps you need to take to create your NAVICA account and connect to Northwestern. This email also provides your personal Connect Code that is necessary to connect to NU before you can begin testing.

Download the NAVICA app at App Store or Google Play. If your phone does not support the NAVICA app or if you are experiencing technical difficulties, you can use the NAVICA website as an alternate way to access your account.

  • Enter your basic demographic information to set up your account
  • Use your Northwestern email
  • You will receive a “Please confirm your email address” email from NAVICA/Abbott
  • Upon completion, you will receive a “Welcome to NAVICA” email as part of this process
  • Connect to “Northwestern” in your NAVICA settings
  • Once in the NAVICA app, select the “Test Site” tab from the bottom navigation
  • Click the settings icon in the upper right corner
  • In the “CONNECTED ORGS” section, select the “Connect an Organization” option

If you are using the NAVICA website, scroll down until you see “Your Name’s Connected Organizations” and click “Add.” Enter your personal “Connect Code” provided to you in the above “NAVICA Invitation from Northwestern University” email and click the blue “Verify” button at the bottom of the screen. You need to enter this only once in the app.

Getting Your Results

Results will be available within 30 minutes of completing your test. You will receive a notification on your phone informing you that your NAVICA results are ready. Log in to your NAVICA app to view your results. If you are using the NAVICA website, your results will be available under “Your Name’s Latest Test Result.” 

If your test results come back positive, please immediately begin to self-isolate and address COVID-19 with your supervisor as you would other illnesses that require the use of sick days. If you test positive and have questions regarding your symptoms, please contact your primary healthcare provider.

If at any point you require emergency medical attention, call 911 to access the most local emergency services.