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This webpage will be updated June 13 to reflect changes in Northwestern’s guidelines and resources. Read the April 26 announcement about these changes.

To help prevent the spread of COVID-19 and reduce the risk of exposure, community members are encouraged to monitor their health, take precautions against the transmission of illness, stay home when they are sick and support others as they do the same.

Reporting a Diagnosis

Students who access campus are required to report positive cases of COVID-19. If you test positive for COVID-19 somewhere outside of Northwestern University or Northwestern Medicine, submit your test result by clicking on “Report COVID-19 Test Results” and following the prompts. Students may return to campus only after having cleared their isolation period, as instructed by the COVID-19 Response Team.

Faculty and staff are not required to report to the University when they test positive for COVID-19. Instead, employees should stay home and, as needed, consult with their personal medical provider. Employees also should communicate with their supervisor regarding their availability and work schedule as they would for any other illnesses that may require the use of sick time.

On-campus Testing is Available

Students, faculty and staff who have COVID-19 symptoms and want to be tested can access symptomatic testing on the Evanston campus.

See Testing Details

Responding to COVID-19 Cases

If you have symptoms and need to be tested, please visit our symptomatic testing site, take an at-home test, or arrange for a test off campus. Northwestern does not reimburse individuals or units for off-campus testing expenses. 

You should review the Procedures for Positive Cases so you are familiar with what happens if you test positive.