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Visitors to Northwestern

Updated 4/9/2020

See Northwestern University's guidance below on visitors in light of the confirmed appearance of Coronavirus/COVID-19 on campus.

1. My department or unit had plans to host visitors in the coming weeks or months. Should we proceed with our plans to host visitors at this time?

Effective immediately and until further notice, Northwestern is restricting all visitors coming to campus. Please leverage technology solutions like phone calls, email, BlueJeans, Zoom or Teams to engage with those outside our campus.

2. Since visitors are now restricted from coming to campus, would a student be considered a visitor?

Students who are enrolled in classes or will enroll in classes at Northwestern are not considered visitors. If a student from another university comes to campus for research or other activities unrelated to a Northwestern class and without being employed by Northwestern, then that student would be considered a visitor and restricted from campus at this time. (Added 4/9/20)

3. For how long will visitors be restricted from coming to campus?

Northwestern is restricting all visitors until further notice. (Added 4/9/20)