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Student Finances

Updated 4/6/2020

Undergraduate Room, Board and Fees

1. Will Northwestern refund my room and board costs?

We will issue credits for all Spring Quarter housing and dining costs for any student who has already left campus housing or who will do so by the end of spring break (on or before Sunday, April 5). We expect this credit to be reflected on the April 10 bill.

2. What if I decide to leave campus partway through Spring Quarter?

Students who remain in campus housing, but who move out some time during Spring Quarter, will receive a pro-rated refund of housing and dining upon leaving campus.

3. Will I get a refund on student fees?

Undergraduates will all receive a refund on the athletic fee for the quarter ($19). The other fees will remain in place, as Associated Student Government continues to provide programming and activities and because the Health Service continues to be available for students’ use.

4. How and when will I receive my refund for housing, dining and fees?

Credits will be automatically applied to student accounts. Students who move out by Sunday, April 5 will see their room and board refund applied to their April statement from the University, which should appear on Friday, April 10.

Once the credit is applied, you can request a refund from your student account by check or direct deposit. Instructions for requesting refunds from your student account can be found Student Enterprise Systems website. (Updated 3/29/20)

5. Will getting a room and board refund impact my financial aid?

There will be no reductions to undergraduate financial aid if a student receives refunds. Students who were offered financial aid to cover housing, dining or other needs during the spring quarter can instead apply their refunds towards potential expenses associated with living with family or other arrangements.

Given the circumstances, Northwestern will also waive late fees on student bills due April 1. No fees will be charged if payments are made in full by April 30. We hope this will provide additional flexibility to students and their families in the coming days.

6. If I remain on campus, by when would I need to move out to qualify for the room and board refund announced on March 26?

As noted in the announcement of refunds, students must move out of their rooms and check out by Sunday, April 5. Residential Services asks that all students still on campus pack any personal belongings that they are not leaving with into boxes provided at their area desk. They should label these packed boxes with their name, cellphone number and Northwestern email address. Students who remain in campus housing but who move out later will receive a pro-rated credit. Students or families with questions about extension requests should contact Please note that Residential Services will not grant exceptions that would violate any State of Illinois orders pertaining to non-essential travel or activity during its COVID-19 response. (Added 3/29/20)

7. If I have left campus but did not move my personal belongings out of my room, can I still qualify for the room and board refund announced on March 26?

Yes, students who have left campus and checked out on or before Sunday, April 5 will receive the refund. Residential Services will work with students on retrieving their belongings throughout spring quarter. All personal belongings must be removed by Friday, June 12. (Added 3/29/20)

8. If I have left campus but did not move my personal belongings out of my room, how can I retrieve those items during spring break or the remote instruction period of spring quarter?

If you have already left campus and checked out and choose the refund option, your room and your belongings will remain secure until the end of spring quarter, which is Friday, June 12. Students cannot return to campus any earlier than the lifting of State of Illinois orders pertaining to non-essential travel or activity during its COVID-19 response. In the meantime, the University strongly encourages students to make arrangements with its preferred vendors for shipping and storage. University and Student Services (USS) is Northwestern University's preferred vendor for shipping and storage services. In addition, Reebie Storage & Moving, which is Residential Services' contracted moving company, has agreed to a flat rate of $150 to pack a student's personal belongings, with relocation pricing dependent on the destination of the items. USS and Reebie are currently taking reservations. Students can sign up for these services and request financial assistance for these types of unplanned expenses related to COVID-19 here. Residential Services will help facilitate any arrangements made with preferred vendors, including access to student rooms. (Added 3/29/20)

9. Will spring quarter social dues in residence halls and residential colleges be charged?

Residents remaining on campus will not be charged social dues during the remote instruction period. (Updated 4/6/20)

10. Does acceptance of the room and board refund affect my fulfillment of the two-year residency requirement?

Spring quarter 2020 will count toward the two-year residency requirement regardless of your acceptance of the refund or presence on campus. (Added 3/29/20)

Undergraduate and Graduate Tuition and Finances

11. Will there be a tuition refund or discount?

Northwestern will continue to provide a high-quality education, whether remotely or in person, so tuition will still be charged at the same rate for Spring Quarter.

12. Will I be getting the same education if this is done remotely?

Additional resources have been devoted to providing faculty with training, equipment and software to ensure the smoothest transition possible. Faculty have risen to the challenge and are attending to their teaching in this new mode with a commitment to creating the right balance of rigor and engagement for the best student learning experience they can provide.

13. Are tuition payments still due on April 1, 2020?

The deadline to pay Spring Quarter tuition has been extended to April 30th. No late fees will be assessed on payments before that date. (Added 3/30/20)

14. What kind of financial assistance is available if I am facing hardship?

We know that students and their families may face unexpected financial hardship during this transition. Those who need funding assistance due to decisions made by Northwestern related to COVID-19, such as travel, technology for remote coursework and other expenses, can submit a Funding Request.

15. Who can help me with questions about my student bill?

The Student Finance website is the best place to start with general questions about your bill. If you have more specific questions, please contact Student Finance at or 847-491-5224.