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Daily Symptom Monitoring

The University is committed to preventing the spread of COVID-19 and symptom monitoring is an important measure to support our safe return to campus efforts.  As a result, faculty and staff, including temporary and contracted employees, are required to complete a daily symptom survey prior to reporting to campus. This form is also required for students coming to campus, and student responses will be monitored by Northwestern Health Services (details forthcoming).  The Office of Risk Management will monitor faculty and staff responses.


  • Before reporting to campus each day, individuals will log onto the daily symptom survey to complete the symptom survey.
  • If individuals are symptom-free and do not have elevated risk factors, supervisors will receive an email indicating that a survey was completed and the individual is cleared to be on campus. Primary points of contact should be regularly monitoring that those individuals who are onsite have completed their daily symptom survey
  • If an individual has symptoms or presents other risk factors, the individual will receive an email telling them not to come to campus.
    • Risk Management will follow up with such faculty/staff members and provide guidance according to CDC guidance.
    • Northwestern Health Services will follow-up with students to provide guidance according to CDC guidance.