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Expectations for Students

Northwestern has established the following requirements for all students returning to campus. All students must:

  • Complete online Return to Campus training, which is also required for faculty and staff. 
  • Review and agree to a set of community standards and expectations in CAESAR prior to registering for Fall classes. These expectations include:
    • Abiding by safety or hygiene standards recommended by Northwestern, the Illinois Department of Public Health, or the CDC, including standards regarding face coverings, social distancing, limiting gatherings, hand washing and sanitizing, and cleaning shared surfaces.
    • Complying with University testing and contact tracing efforts.
    • Completing a daily symptom-monitoring form.
    • Following University guidance regarding quarantining and self-isolating.
    • Acknowledging that activities may be cancelled or postponed, and courses with in-person components might have to shift to online delivery at some point

Community members who violate these expectations may face disciplinary actions. For students, this could mean a range of responses from a reminder in cases of unintentionally not following guidance to separation from the University in severe cases of repeat offenses of intentionally disregarding expectations.

Specific information about training and community expectations will be emailed to students directly.