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Review Community Expectations

As the University continues in our phased return to campus, the following sections provide expectations for common activities that community members may engage in throughout the Fall 2020 quarter. All community members who physically return to campus to work or study are expected to follow the Return to Campus Policy

These pages provide a summary of the University’s approach to such topics as travel, meetings and events, visitors to campus, and programming for minors. They also include details for each specific area along with resources to help students, faculty, and staff plan for Fall term. 

Below is a summary of key expectations with hyperlinks to pages that provide additional details and further guidance.
Area Permitted Prohibited


  • Domestic travel for essential purposes
  • Travel is not recommended to areas:
    • With high or increasing COVID-19 cases
    • Where a quarantine is required on either end
  • International travel, unless required for COVID-related research, in alignment with State Department and CDC guidance

Meetings and Events

  • Gatherings of 50 or fewer people can occur in-person when:
    • Northwestern students are the primary participants for the event
    • Social-distancing and other health-related guidelines are able to be followed
    • Records of attendance are maintained for contact tracing
  • All other gatherings should plan for remote delivery
  • Gatherings:
    • Of over 50 people
    • Where majority of participants are not affiliated with University
    • In spaces insufficient for maintaining social distancing

Visitors to Campus

  • Pre-approved visitors:
    • Whose purpose is among permitted reasons to be on campus
    • Who have completed a health survey
  • Unregistered visitors
  • Visitors without an academic, research, nor administrative purpose

Programming for minors

  • Remote-delivery programming for minors who are not enrolled at Northwestern, including all pre-college populations
  • In-person programming for minors who are not enrolled at Northwestern, including all pre-college populations